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Software and Services

Software Generators, LLC is currently in a product development cycle. Therefore, the following products will not be available until after the first release of DSLGenTM. The release date will be announced in the near future. Pricing information available at time of release.


Domain Engineering -- Guidance in identifying, analyzing and developing domain models, languages and tools.

Demonstration Development - Guidance in the creation of demonstration tests cases for a company domain.

Generator Customization and Deployment - Guidance in company specific implementation and tailoring of DSLGenTM.


Training and Documentation

Introduction to Domain Engineering and Program Generation -- This course is for the student who is new to domain engineering and program generation. This is a half day course that defines what a domain model is, how a model can be represented, what a domain feature is and how it relates to applications in the domain, what purposes a domain model can be used for with emphasis on program generation. It uses examples from the domain of digital signal and image processing. This course will be available after DSLGenTM is released.

Introduction to DSLGenTM -- This is a half day course for domain engineers. The student should be conversant with the concepts of domains and have the ability to analyze software systems to identify the domain concepts and features within those systems. At the end of this course, the student should understand simple patterns and transformations, the nature of design objects, the encapsulation of design features, phased generation and other basic ideas of DSLGenTM. This course will be available after DSLGenTM is released.

Advanced DSLGenTM Tools and Techniques -- This is a one to two day course for domain engineers who intend to implement DSLGenTM within their company. It will include hands on exercises for the students. This course will be available after DSLGenTM is released.

DSLGen Workshop -- This is a multi-day hands-on workshop that focuses upon deployment of DSLGenTM within a company. The course will use a small but company specific example demonstration case that the students will implement under the guidance of the instructor. This course will be available after DSLGenTM is released.

Never Reprogram AgainTM (Book) - This book is aimed largely at the Domain Engineer and to a lesser extent to the Application Programmer. It is currently in development. The first two chapters will be posted soon on this web site.



DSLGenTM - The Domain Specific Language Generator is a platform for hosting software generators for arbitrary domains that can target various existing and future execution platforms. DSLGenTM is designed so that the computation specification does not need to be changed when a new execution platform is chosen. Only the domain specific description of the execution platform needs to be changed. The release date of DSLGenTM has not yet been scheduled.