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Dr. Ted J. Biggerstaff is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Software Generators, LLC. Over the past decade, he has been pursuing research and development in domain specific program generation with the result being DSLGenTM. Previously, he was a program manager and did early generators research at Microsoft Research. Before that he was Director of Design Recovery research at Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation. With Alan Perlis he organized the first workshop on software reuse (1983). He has written two books and many papers on reuse, design recovery, reengineering, and software tools. He is a past member of the Washington Technology Center Advisory Committee, IEEE Software Editorial Board, various conference program committees and the IEEE Technical Steering Committee on Software Reuse. He is currently a board member of the International Society for the Advancement of Software Education.  He was the recipient of a Boeing Fellowship. He holds five patents. He is a member of IEEE and ACM. He was the co-general chairman of the 1998 International Conference on Software Reuse and is a frequent conference speaker, keynote speaker and panelist at conferences. He received his PhD in Computer Science from University of Washington.